[Single-phase 200V] Daikin DAIKIN Air Conditioner S40YTEP-W Mainly 14 Tatami E Series White Streamer 2021 Model

Sale price¥109,800


[About the product]
※Construction is not included.

■ 2021 model
■ Set of indoor unit + outdoor unit

Equipped with a streamer and a cleaning function inside the water
basic model

■ Refreshingly compact size
■It warms to set temperature at a stretch and is comfortable
■ Easy setting with one button
■ Tough and comfortable to move in both winter and summer

■For details, please check the manufacturer's website.

-------------------------------------------------- ---------

■ Single-phase 200V
■ Approximate number of tatami mats
Heating: 11-14 tatami mats
Air conditioner: 11 to 17 tatami mats
■ Ability
Heating: 5.0kw
Cooling: 4.0kw
■ Power consumption
Heating: 1,340W
Cooling: 1,260W
* Requires purchase of optional accessories, special installation work, and setting.
* Please check if your smartphone is a compatible model.
*Please be sure to check the latest information on the manufacturer's website before ordering.

*The description is part of the product specifications.
Returns cannot be made for reasons such as insufficient specification explanation.
In particular, please be sure to check compatibility.

<Notes on purchasing>
■ No cash on delivery
■Delivery date cannot be specified
■Shipping fee will be added for 1 point per item.
■For Okinawa and remote islands, a separate shipping fee will be charged. note that.
■Be sure to check that the product model number is correct before placing an order.
■We cannot accept cancellations, returns, or refunds after an order has been placed, even before shipment.

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